Your Ten-Month-Old Baby's Growth

Your Ten-Month-Old Baby’s Growth


Your ten-month-old baby surprises you every day with his level of growth. It is pleasure to watch him trying to explore the environment around him crawling and walking. But it is still natural to wonder if he really reached all the stages of development of babies his age. To find out what your baby will do at this age, follow this article to find answers to your perplexing questions.

There is no doubt that mothers know that the weights and heights of babies vary, due to several reasons, the most important of which are genetic factors, but the average weight of a baby in the tenth month ranges from 7 to 11 kg, while the height ranges from 69 to 77 cm.

The older your baby, the greater his cognitive abilities. ten-month-old baby learns about his clothes and necessities, he also remembers the location of his favorite toys, and he understands you when you give him simple instructions. Not only does he pay attention to the sounds around him, but he becomes aware of the sounds he hears daily, such as the voice of his mother, father, and siblings, the telephone ringing, and the house bell. In addition, he can distinguish those important sounds and ignore the unimportant ones.

The most important activities that a ten-month-old baby develops it

  1. Crawling and trying to walk alone
  2. Improve his language skills and pronounce some light words
  3. Using his hands more often than before, grasping toys, shaking them, and throwing them, on the other hand, if he sees a toy that has buttons, he presses him.
  4. Develops some aggressive behaviors such as hitting his head against the wall, sleeping on the floor and then rolling, and gnashing his teeth, and may develop to pulling the hair of those around him.
A ten-month-old baby loves playing in his home

Ten-month-old Baby food and drink

There are many babies who are still dependent on breastfeeding and formula. There are also those who have an appetite and love different types of food and are ready to try every new food. It is interesting to watch your child try to catch food to start relying on himself. A baby in the tenth month may grab his own cup to drink milk, or hold a banana to eat himself, but you have to stay by his side and be careful not to choke or hurt himself.

If you notice that your ten-month-old baby is not gaining weight or seems weak, you should talk to your pediatrician about your baby’s condition and any doubts you have. But if your baby’s growth is going normally on the relative curve, that’s a good thing. But you have to increase the number of meals or increase the amount of food you provide to your child, and on the other hand, you must increase the number of calories in your baby’s food by feeding him yogurt, eggs, and avocado, and do not neglect to breastfeed approximately every 4 hours, as it provides your baby with a good amount of calories.

As for the foods that you introduce to your baby, it is best to continue offering healthy food options, and stick to a new type every three or four days. Pureed fruits and vegetables are the best you can serve your baby, but they should be a little cut into small pieces that the baby can pick up and nibble on.

As I mentioned earlier, avocados provide your baby with the necessary calories in addition to a group of immune-boosting foods such as bananas, berries, peaches, cooked potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans. Other foods that give your baby energy include pasta, cereal, eggs, and tofu. On the other hand, do not neglect to give your child natural juice several times a day.

Among the foods that are harmful to the baby in the tenth month are honey, processed juice, cow’s milk (not recommended until the age of 1), raw vegetables, sticky or crunchy foods, nuts and seeds, and unpasteurized milk.

To encourage your ten-month-old baby to try new foods, we offer the following tips:

  1. Cut food into small portions
  2. Be patient and persevere and do not give up on the first attempts
  3. Use different cooking techniques
  4. Try to offer your baby warm food, not hard or liquid, i.e. in the middle between them
  5. Involve your baby in eating a variety of healthy foods
  6. The ten-month-old baby enjoys eating his food on his own plate, spoon, fork, and cup so that he can eat and drink like a big baby.

Ten-month-old baby sleep 

A ten-month-old baby sleeps about 14 hours a day, including 11 hours at night, and three hours of long naps at noon.

Some parents complain that their baby does not sleep well or wakes up screaming when he never did before. There is a decline in the number of hours of sleep the baby in the tenth month, as the baby learns new skills such as crawling, standing, and walking based on the wall, your baby does not sleep well because he has become obsessed with practicing his hobbies even if it is in the middle of the night. I think it’s hard to go back to sleep after all this activity.

Also, your baby may be sick or grow teeth and suffer from teething pain, so if this happens again, you should visit the pediatrician for advice.

Ten-month-old baby’s health

  1. Some parents are concerned that their baby has not yet stepped. It is worth noting that every child is different and there are features that distinguish them. Perhaps the reason your baby is late in walking is that he has several teeth and has started to talk because the development of one skill has affected another. But if your child does not crawl or walk and his teeth do not appear, it is necessary to see a doctor.
  1. Talk a lot with your baby and sing songs that he understands. Babies love music and this is the perfect way to introduce them to new words and sounds and help them with their pronunciation.
  1. You have to watch your baby all the time as his movement is increasing. You must have made the house safe for your baby’s movement, but it is important to supervise and monitor him while crawling to protect him from any anticipated dangers.
  2. Praise and reinforce your baby’s good behavior. This is a great way to build your baby’s confidence. Your baby will be more inclined to try new skills when they know they make you proud.

As always, if you have any concerns about your ten-month-old baby’s development or just need to be reassured on the right track baby’s development, reach out to a pediatrician and he will not hesitate to advise.