bekoka diapers for seniors

Bekoka Diapers For Seniors


The idea of developing BEKOKA diapers for seniors to meet patients’ needs. Some elderly patients have chronic health problems that have a negative impact on their lifestyle, so BEKOKA assists them in finding solutions that make their lives easier.

Diapers are necessary for adults suffering from pathologies such as incontinence, impaired mobility, severe diarrhea, or memory loss. To avoid embarrassment, BEKOKA diapers are designed for older people as a magical solution to personal problems and to save time and effort in their care.

BEKOKA diapers for the elderly are among the best Turkish diapers for people of all sizes and weights, and they keep their users comfortable all day. BEKOKA diapers come in a variety of sizes for older people, including small, medium, and large.

Bekoka Diapers For Seniors

Diapers could become necessary for older people who suffer from loss of control. While some may interpret this as a sign of weakness, it is actually a means of retaining dignity and independence. Diapers allow seniors to live an active life. As a result of her interest in the elderly, BEKOKA ensures that they receive the best possible care. BEKOKA diapers for seniors, specifically designed to meet the needs of the elderly, are the best way to care for your loved ones.

Natural materials are used to make ultra-absorbent and soft-textured senior diapers. BEKOKA diapers can keep your loved ones dry and comfortable both during the day and at night. These wonderful nappies are free of chemicals, fragrances, and pigments, making them gentle on all skin types. It is also allergy-free, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. A super absorbent pulp can absorb large amounts of fluid, keeping a person dry even while sleeping or for extended periods of time. These diapers also have a wet indicator that turns from yellow to blue when it’s time to change.

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The Benefits of BEKOKA diapers for seniors

Because of the following features, BEKOKA diapers provide superior protection for the elderly:

  • The waist strap is flexible, making it easy to use a diaper while also allowing air passage to prevent rashes. 
  • The middle layer of ultra-absorbent polymers absorbs liquids and controls unwanted odors.
  • BEKOKA diapers for the elderly are made of pure soft natural materials that are comfortable and provide relief to the elderly, particularly patients.
  • Suitable for both male and female patients.

Diaper problems that seniors face

  • Seniors suffering from diaper rash due to a variety of factors. The most common cause is prolonged contact with urine or stool. Fungal infections, allergic reactions, and septic dermatitis are some of the other causes. The skin turns red, blisters, and feels burning and tingly, causing discomfort and distress. Adults, for example, can develop a nappy rash in the genital area if proper hygiene and health precautions are not taken.
  • In cases of acute nappy rash, the skin may be covered with pimples, air bubbles that appear between the epithelium and the dermis, contain serological liquid (vesicles), or flake, leaving wounds through which blood or fluids can flow.
  • Infections of disabled seniors can be caused by fungi or bacteria, resulting in severe rashes caused by diaper ventilation.

What are the merits of BEKOKA diapers for seniors?

  • BEKOKA diapers for seniors prevent incontinence and symptoms of skin irritation.
  • BEKOKA diapers for seniors ensure safety and comfort during daily activities while also preventing leakage and moisture throughout the day, allowing older people to remain active and enjoy life.
  • On the one hand, it prevents leakage and moisture; on the other, it has a tremendous ability to absorb as much fluid and droppings as possible, making it superior protection for the elderly.
  • Absorbs moisture, keeps skin dry and healthy and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • BEKOKA diapers for seniors are flexible and do not restrict elderly movement or cause moisture exposure.
  • It has sealant sidebars that keep furniture and beds clean without needing to be cleaned repeatedly.
  • BEKOKA seniors’ diapers make no noise during movement, which helps older people and patients who urinate in bed avoid feeling ashamed or withdrawing from society, which can lead to depression. Not to mention its ability to keep the stench at bay.

Tips for changing the diapers of the elderly

The BEKOKA team recommends the following steps when changing diapers for a disabled adult or a sick elderly person:

  • Wear medical gloves every time you change the diaper and dispose of them as soon as you finish your mission.
  • Use pure wet wipes made of natural materials, such as wet wipes from Bekoka.
  • Plastic bag or container to place the dirty diaper in and then dispose of it.
  • If the patient has a rash, put in mind to use a palliative or moisturizing cream for the diaper area, or a rash ointment.

You’ve noticed the benefits of BEKOKA diapers for seniors, such as improved hygiene, better incontinence protection, and unparalleled comfort. All of the above undoubtedly leads you to choose BEKOKA diapers for the elderly in order to meet the patient’s comfort and needs, to save time and effort in facility care and cleaning, and to keep the sick person from social distancing and isolation as a result of the critical resulting from involuntary urination and others.