High-quality Diapers From BEKOKA, Size 4


BEKOKA high-quality diapers are made from natural raw materials, size 4, for kids weighting ( 7-18). BEKOKA offers your little one premium care.


high-quality diapers


BEKOKA offers you high-quality diapers that are very soft and are great on your baby’s sensitive skin. We chose the best materials that are both safe for your babies and environmentally sustainable. Protecting the environment is like protecting your child; regardless of the craft, design, material, test, or upgrade, we have set up at least 9 criteria for them to complete before they meet the requirement. BEKOKA high-quality diapers are chlorine-free, additive-free, chemical-free, bleach-free, and fragrance-free diapers. We want to make the best for your infants, just like we do for ours.


Diaper Weight  (±2) 27 g
Total Length (±5) 48 cm
Length of diaper center area (±5) 40 cm
Absorption quantity (±10) 400 mm



Doctors and experts recommend choosing BEKOKA diaper products due to these features:

  1. It is Super absorbing as it contains ultra-absorbing polymer (SAP) mixed with pure cellulose pulp.
  2. It has flexible back wings that allow babies to move freely.
  3. Side tapes (Velcro Look-hoop tape) can be opened and resealed several times. 
  4. The inner surface consists of soft-textured natural materials and is absorbent to liquids in large quantities.
  5. The exterior allows air to enter inside the diaper.
  6. Strengthening side barriers prevent leakage.


Your baby’s happiness is our happiness.


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