Economic Feminine Pads With Wings, Size 3


BEKOKA night feminine pads with wings and long design are specially designed for super absorption at the time of peak period flow during the day and night. The economic packet consists of 14 pieces.


the best feminine pads

BEKOKA offers you night feminine pads with wings. It is ultra-absorbent to provide you with superior comfort at night and day. BEKOKA pads meet your needs during your period and relieve the feeling of discomfort throughout this difficult time. BEKOKA pads provide you with maximum protection with their unique design and enormous absorption ability other than traditional ones.


BEKOKA night feminine pads have the following incredible features:

  1. BEKOKA feminine pads contain ultra-soft material; it made from 100% pure cotton to provide you with superior comfort. The thin bottom part allows breathing and airflow.
  2. BEKOKA pads are healthy and chemical-free to protect you from rash and allergy. Pure cotton provides you with superior comfort and is suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. Absorbing 4 times more: The pads of Bekoka for women are made of ultra-absorbing, high-quality polymers and 4 times more absorptive than normal feminine pads making them ideal for all women.
  4. It has wings: the sides are designed to prevent leakage, to feel comfortable, and to feel free during movement and walking.


Soft texture and fluffy thickness give you more confidence.




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